Baking at an
early Age

Growing up outside of Annapolis, Maryland, I began baking cakes, cookies, and brownies with my Mom and Grandma at a very early age.  I still remember the smell of my Grandma’s oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and my Mom’s seven-layer cookies during the Holidays.  Since then, my love for baking has grown and matured.

While attending college at Virginia Tech, I would bake up sweet treats for my roommates and friends, exploring more exotic desserts such as Baklava.  After college, I continued to bake for my co-workers, family, and friends but also began my journey into gluten-friendly and vegan-friendly baking to help bring a little sweetness to my sister’s life.

Sherbert Cupcake

(Lime, Orange, & Raspberry Buttercream)

My Baking

Fast forward a few years to the present.  My passion for baking has grown exponentially and the best part is that I get to share it with my two little Boys.  My official taste testers and chocolate chip eaters!  When not in the kitchen, baking up delicious sweet treats, my husband, Brian, and I can usually be found binge-watching some of our favorite TV shows or watching the most recent movie releases.  I feel so blessed to be able to spend so much time in the kitchen pursuing my passion and love experimenting with new recipes, desserts, and flavors, and learning new techniques.

Lucky Charms Cupcake

(Cereal Milk Buttercream)


We all have those occasional off days (or weeks!) where life challenges us.  I have personally experienced and been a witness to many of life’s challenges and am excited to share my passion for baking to help others in their moments.  To give a much-needed boost; bring out a smile, and provide a little hope when it all seems impossible.  We all have our life stories and all deserve a little sweetness in our lives.
Blooming Cupcakes

(Victorian Sponge)

Sweet Words

Thank you for catering our girls' brunch. Your cupcakes, scones, and shortbread cookies were a huge hit and absolutely beautiful. Everything far exceeded my expectations. Every single one of your cards was taken by my guests. Thank you again.


OMGOSH! I think I gained 5 lbs these scones are so delicious I ate two blueberry ones yesterday and brought one home for breakfast this morning!


The cupcakes were a HUGE hit with [our] team!!!  Oh my goodness, the guys were raving about them.  At first, they were very polite and only took one cupcake each.  However, with three dozen sitting there looking at them, plus the extra ones you tucked in there, the guys finally started to get a bit greedy and came back for seconds!  Steve left the office a little after 11:00 on Thursday and there were still almost two dozen in the box.  When he came in on Friday, there were only five left and they disappeared very quickly with a few people’s morning coffee.  So this sweet treat was definitely appreciated!!  THANK YOU so much for doing this for us!  You are an excellent baker and we love your yummy desserts.


Everything was so good! Sweets' Treats outdid themselves!


The [Chocolate Lava Cookie] is THE BEST and the scones were DELICIOUS! That chocolate cupcake [Triple Chocolate Explosion] was so good! Right up there with the lemon blueberry... [but] the French Toast Cupcake is our favorite of all time!


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